16 d’octubre de 2013

Joie de vivre - Sam says enjoy life

¿Cómo son los ángeles?
¿Esencia o existencia?
Yo soy un ángel
Tu eres un ángel
Sam es un ángel
Esencia y existencia

Sam est amusant, Sam est ronde, Sam est explosive, Sam est pleine de couleur. Sam a une grande générosité pour tout. Sam est brillante, Sam est douce, est chaleureuse, toujours de bonne humeur. Sam is bigger than life.
Des amis

I never had the chance to meet Sam Archer (the woman whose portrait you are seeing here) as she and her daughter Ruby tragically died in the tsunami that devastated Thailand in 2004. I've never met Jimmy C, the f***ing great artist who painted this wall. But I had the chance to meet Nathalie, Sam's sister / Ruby's aunt, who very generously opened her house to a couple of unknown streeart freaks just for showing us this wall and letting us know how special, joyful and unique Sam was... Big thanks to Jimmy C and Nathalie Archer for making this happen. It was a great honor for us.

Muchisímas gracias por compartir tu recuerdo, Nathalie,
y a ti también, Fernando, por darme a conocer esta impresionante historia.